Hot list – current iPod tracks

Well my friend Nicodemus has, as always, an impressive music catalogue at his disposal – again today he gave us a small glimpse of his collection ! Maybe a small suggestion : just add a small audio sample so we have an idea what it sounds like 🙂

His overviews made me rethink my current selection a bit ! I love my iPod shuffle and use it everyday getting to & from work ( I ride the bus ). But lately I get a bit bored with the cd collection I uploaded into my iTunes… I need more variation.

So to get my interests back up, I looked at some key DJ’s I like and found their air play lists !! So it seems that most of the great mixers use a radio show as a playground to experiment with the current available tracks.

These shows are just great ! Not much talking, all the music I need for my bus ride and mixed perfectly. So here is a small overview of 3 DJ’s I’m following right now and their radio shows :

Oh one small remark, it’s all Trance music if you where wondering ;)…

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Lee vs. Turner

Well being a bit of a comic fan… this one is very difficult to resolve : Who draws the best Batman – Jim Lee or Michael Turner ?

Well the hard thing about it is, that they both have a similar style… more a realistic, portrait kind instead of the normal comic, cartoon design !

Jim Lee has the advantage of being a bit of the ‘reference’ concerning Batman, this thanks to the fantastic run of the Batman:Hush series.

On the other hand, the look of Michael Turner’s Batman featured in the Superman series is just so refreshing, how could you not like it !!!

I can’t choose to difficult… But pictures say more than word so here they are lined up :

Michael Turner

Jim Lee

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