20 questions about my blog

Nice little survey… found Young Crazy Fouls’s blog !

  • When did you start blogging?
    Can’t remember anymore :), I Didn’t keep track in the beginning and the archive is gone… but 2003/4 should be correct.
  • Average, how often do you blog?
    I try to post at least one item every 2 weeks…
  • How do you host your blog?
    I host it on Weblogs
  • What blogging application/service do you use?
  • Do you use an application to blog directly from your desktop, rather than from your blogs administration?
    Yes, I use the good old 😉 – Windows Live Writer
  • Do you use a free theme for your blog?
    Yes the Qwilm! theme
  • What type of blogging do you do?
    Main focus now is to provide Eye Candy stuff
  • What is your primary blogging motivation?
  • Do you care much about the amount of visitors?
    A little bit
  • Does the total account of visitors on your blog count more to you, than the amount of visitors who comment on your blog posts?
  • Do you use some sort of anti spam solution for your blog comments? (Such as Akismet)
    Yes — Akismet
  • If you run advertisements on your blog, do you sell the ads yourself?
    Google Adsense
  • If you earn money on advertising on your blog, how much do you approximately earn per month?
    Nothing yet
  • If you are running a business blog – have it helped your business to start blogging?
  • Are you a member of a blogging network such as random shapes or 9rules?
  • If you are member of a blogging network – has it helped you noticeable in any way?
  • How many daily unique visitors do your blog have?
    Around 10 I guess 🙂
  • Do you keep statistics of feed subscribers?
  • Do you put work into search engine optimisation for your blog?
    Only good writing
  • Have you ever bought advertisement on other websites for your blog?

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