Difficult mornings

On a normal morning, I get up around 06.30am and prepare everything to go to work !

Wash, eat, pack my stuff, help my little daughter ( 13 months ) getting ready and take the car to the day care center for children…

Again I performed this small routine, most fun thing is getting in the car ! Bought a brand new one last May and still like every thing about it. It needed to be a family car, so we got ourselvs a VW Passat Variant. Look how gorgeous it was when I got it 😉

But on a difficult morning… one ‘not very awake’ person decides to try and get a bit faster to work and doesn’t care about the traffic that is circulating !!! Not even looking to the right when he gets on to the crossroad when he’s turning left !!! So conclusion, my fancy new car isn’t that new anymore and the guy that tried to get to work early was a bit late ! ( point to note, I wasn’t the one that tried to perform the stupid manoeuvre ).

Here is my new left side :

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6 thoughts on “Difficult mornings”

  1. how zekers!

    Da’s ni zo mooi van die overhaaste chauffeur!
    Uw dochter toch ni te hard geschrokken?



  2. Yow Tom,

    Neen… ze heeft geen kick gegeven ! ( Het zal dan toch niet zo’n harde klap geweest zijn ? )
    We zijn wel naar doktor geweest voor alle veliigheid, maar alles was a OK !

  3. I personally blame the driver of the Passat being half asleep from getting up so early, rushing to the creche and having too many things on his mind. If you were wide awake then you would have been able to outmanoeuvre the other guy.

    Recommendation, try the Brussels ring for 8 years then you can outdrive anyone !!

    Glad to see your car looks like mine now !!

  4. Hahaha… I couldn’t outmanoeuvre ! It was a T section… so I had nothing on my right to outmanoeuvre to.

    What a shame, not ? 😉

  5. Dat is natuurlijk minder leuk. Zeker met een nog recente wagen. Hopelijk dekt de verzekering van de ander alles. Maar het blijft toch een hele rompslomp om alles terug in orde te brengen waarschijnljk.

  6. @Young Crazy Fool : Ik denk dat hij met alles in orde was !
    Dus normaal gezien zal alles wel gedekt worden… maar je hebt gelijk het is een heel gedoe met de papieren en telefoons en nog van die rommel.

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