Eye Candy – Jae Lee

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t… but I’m a BIG Stephen King fan ! I like most of his books very much, just take a look at my listal account ;).

Well and on the other hand I like comics ! So what would happen if they would combine the 2 ?? It seems this will be something to look forward to !

And what does my weary eye see… as of July 2007 we will be treated with this killer combo ! Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be translated to a new comics series from Marvel ! You can follow the progress here

The comic penciler that has been chosen for this series is Jae Lee ! I like his art, so I’m curious how the Gunslinger would look like when it’s finished.

Here are some galleries with many drawings to look at :

Some previews : ( the Batman is also great )

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