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Thanks to Mirthe I have the opportunity to show all readers what are the 2 last SMS messages stored on my cellular phone :).

But being the tidy bastard I am, this is actually a difficult task ! I had to dig very deep to get 2 messages out of the archive… Yes sir I ALWAYS delete your sms !

So here goes : ( in Dutch )

Just in case u don’t read ur email, the address is *****
Tot morgen

You see, nothing much LOL so lets see if other people are ready to receive the stick ?

Go Young Crazy Fool and Dipfico, tell us more [via].

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3 thoughts on “Part of tree”

  1. Hmm… well I always do a “Reply and delete” !
    Mostly I just get questions on my GSM, so when I answer them I can delete the question 🙂

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