Eye Candy – Wrist watch

Design stuff always fascinates me ! Things that look nice, modern always tend to attract my interest.

So also with wrist watches… in the early days I always used to wear a Swatch around my wrist. I still love their chronographs and have one at home…
And it’s with wrist watches that I’ve just seen 2 beautiful new designs that really are worth looking at !

The first one is a concept by Pavel Balykin and turns an old fasion sand hourglass into a new digital one !! But with the option to still view the numbers…

And the second one ( my favourite ) is very special, showing you a remaining or time spent computer downloading gauge like bar ! Designed by Pierre Haulot.

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3 thoughts on “Eye Candy – Wrist watch”

  1. Ziet er wel cool uit. Ik zou er zo nog wel één willen hebben, de tweede dan. Maar zo van die design-dingen zijn meestal nogal duur 🙂

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