Personal gain – Wing Tsjun

It has been a busy weekend. Our small Belgian Wing Tsjun organisation was again offered a chance to get a full day of training, this last Saturday, with our Dai Sifu Thommy Böhlig from Germany !
To be honest, I’m always impressed with how fluent Sifu Thommy is and how good his techniques are.

But this also presents following : training with Sifu Thommy always brings you back down to earth and shows you how much road there is still ahead to be traveled !! It really is a personal gain to be able to feel the correct implementation of a technique and being shown where I myself implement sloppy technique !

Much of the pictures are up on our Flickr page so just have a look, but here are 2 of my favourites, in the first I’m reacting completely wrong on an attack of Sifu Thommy ( and he helps me correct it ) and in the second Sihing Filip demonstrates that it is crucial to have the correct guard up !

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eID ranting !

This post is targeting all Belgium readers, but considering the success it has in the digital market, I think this post could benefit everybody.

To start, in Belgium every citizen has a personal identity card… this used to be a small card with all personal info, like your current address, gender and age.
But thanks to the digital revolution, Belgium created an eID ! In other words a smaller card with a chip embedded that will contain even more info about the citizen, like a digital signature to electronically sign documents online.

Now nothing but good words about this evolution, but let me show you the loopholes in the system ( all found through personal experience by getting my own card ).

* Acquire the card

First you have to acquire the card, this happens with you getting a letter indicating to go to the local community with a freshly taken photograph and some money to pay for the handling cost !

So what is the problem with this, well they’ve created a set of rules that needs to be followed when presenting your photograph ( check it here ).
So to be compliant, you actually best take the picture digitally so you can correct small errors or take the picture again ! BUT you can’t present the picture in any digital form !! Let me repeat this, you CAN’T give a digital version ! Meaning that following procedure will be taken :

  1. Take picture
  2. Go to photographer to print picture on quality paper ( one of the rules )
  3. Go to community to deliver paper
  4. Community sends paper to government for eID processing
  5. Government digitalizes paper
  6. You get your eID with a digital version of your paper

Did you notice the flaw in the process ? Let me help you… you have a digital version, but you have to create an analogue version, so they can recreate a digital version and you have to pay for it ! How lame is this…

* Receiving the card

This is not for everyone but could happen to a select few. I live at a place where they divided some land in 2 separate parts and resold them. So to avoid the problem assigning house numbers they just indicate our place with 405A and the neighbours with 405B ! All done at the community and this information is presented on our land certificate.

So when you go to the community to receive your eID and notice following house number specification : 405/A000, you start ask questions and get the weirdest answers !

It seems that the government created a structure to indicate the correct location of a specific apartment. This structure is given a 4 figure place, I don’t know all the details but 2 of it gives information about the floor level and the apartment number.
Now because of this structure, people with separate house numbering are also stuck with trailing numbers !! It gets even stranger that they can use anything from the alphabet inside it, but can’t ( because of ruling ) leave out the trailing zero’s !!!

So not only do I now have 2 separate references to our house ( on the land certificate and my eID ), I also have trailing zeros that aren’t actually there…

When someone sends me a letter now, the postal office can get 2 different indications for the same house !! Taking into account that there are sometimes already some problems getting the right letters for 405A or 405B, adding the 405/A000 reference will add up the mistakes.

I know these are some minor things, but for me being in the software business, I just can’t except this flaw. PLEASE ANYONE CHANGE THIS !

Update: I’m not the only one with problems about this eID ! Take a look here

Update: Another progress ! But not yet in Belgium ? Here…

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Eye Candy – Spawn action figures

Well I’m talking about it a lot on this blog, but I never shared any real insight ;).

So for all the people who would like to know what’s viewable at my Crib ! Following Spawn action figures are always on display :

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Social events 2007

Oh my god… 2006 was very low in regard to social networking or any culture activity !
But as it turns out 2007 is just quite the opposite.

Just reaching the middle of February and following things are already on my calendar :

Man and like I said before, we didn’t even reach the end of February !! And I didn’t even mention the fact that I’m missing the Kim Wilde ( also at AB ) because I couldn’t find any friends who would like to tag along !!

Ooh what a year 😉

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Eye Candy – DressCode II ( update )

 Just forgot about this one ( my is just packed ) !! There is a small store in Amsterdam that just has everything for the young urban mensch !

And returning to my love for the hooded sweater, well I can assure you this is heaven :). But the best part… they just openend an online store ( so no more driving to Amsterdam, ok that isn’t something good ), check it out here !

Some fine examples :

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Eye Candy – DressCode II

I’ve always been a big fan of hooded sweaters ! They are easy to wear, always fit and you can combine them with almost everything :). And to get everybody on the right track, I’m talking about the hooded sweaters without the front zipper !

For years I’ve stayed true to only one kind of hooded sweater, the fleece model from GAP. But recently, I’ve been exploring other models and fabrics…

My current favourite is one I bought from PUMA, you can check out their current collection through their online shop here ! Example I love :

But for the rebels out there, there are a lot of small companies that are devoted to more design, fashion models… One of the more remarkable projects is Kidrobot ! They produce limited editions of their clothes, they even try to limit the sale to one item per customer ! Just check out there outwear collection here… Some favourites :

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Eye Candy – DressCode

Not that I’m some kind of fashion guy… but slick t-shirt always tend to end up in my shopping bag 🙂

But the best items are always only available online ! So for those people who want to make a funny statement by wearing a cool t-shirt, just check out the website of DirtyMicrobe here

Some of my favourites :

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