Fun, fun, fun… more info to share, all thanks to Mirthe !

  • Do you know any bloggers in real life ? And if so, what’s your relationship…

This is going to be a long list LOL :

The male part of Eskimokaka : we studied together, 2 IT nerds πŸ™‚
Kladblog : we trained Wing Tsjun together
Hansei-kaizen : a good friend of a good friend, we worked at the same company, but not at the same time ( get it ? πŸ˜‰ )
Jelle Druyts : a friend from my previous company
Peter Himshoot : a friend from my previous company
The facts of life : a friend from my previous company
Mario Van Damme : a friend from my current company
Kristof Verbiest : a friend from my current company

  • Are there other bloggers you met in real life through blogging ?

 Only the ones I met at the bWards…
Dramoghe, Kleine keizerin, Dipfico, the female part of Eskimokaka

  •  Who would you like to meet, who’s also blogging

Well… Mirthe for sure πŸ˜‰ and would like to have a word with Kathleen and all the other people on my blogroll !!

Well that’s it for the stick, I’ll pass it along to Kladblog and Dipfico if they are up for it πŸ™‚

Eye Candy – Greg Staples

As Magic the Gathering fan/player, I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of the illustrations on some cards !

But the bad thing about those cards is, that the art never gets it’s moment to shine ! The actual art is much bigger, as how it should be seen… the trimmed down version on the card is like a low graph thumbnail used on websites.

So now for an update, a very talented member of the Magic the Gathering artists : Greg Staples. But like many other artists in that large pool, also Greg started drawing with other projects !! He has also been involved in some mayor comic projecs, like Judge Dredd and Batman to name a few.

I like his illustrations, but can’t exactly tell you why, I just do !! So without any further rambling, here some cool examples ( look at that Batman ! ). More available here

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Eye Candy – J. P. Targete

Fantasy art is often very ‘soft’, by this I mean that it’s often not presented in a dark atmosphere ! All those fluffy elves and dwarfs… brrr, shudder.

J.P. Targete has another view on Fantasy art and his view is more like mine ! His characters are very rich in detail and do look like monsters that would come out from your latest nightmare.

All I can say is, that I’m all in favour for this kind of art.

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Eye Candy – John Howe

I’ve always been a sucker for dragons… but I’m very critical when it comes to illustrations of those lovely creatures !

There are only a few artists around that can capture the lean, mean, fighting machine look that I like ! The dragon set that’s currently presented by McFarlance Toys are very stunning and come close to a perfect match in my mind.

But in illustration only, there is only one reference for my and that’s John Howe ! He was one of the lead artists that developed the complete look and feel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson. This guy has magical hands… because the way he has drawn the dragons for the Nazgûl is sheer perfection !!

His work is available for browsing at his own website here, have fun.


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Another small update

Seems I’m missing my pictures I’ve uploaded in 2007 :(, I hope the guys of can restore them !

Another note : the bWards ! It was fun, they had some troubles with the mechanical gear in the beginning, but the overall was very positive. Bigger next year πŸ˜‰ ?

Met some nice people by the way !

* First person who came up to us was Bart, he didn’t knew me, but I knew him πŸ˜‰
* Had a chat with Dipfico : nice guy, very open person, like he is on his blog ( promised to keep in touch through some 80ies links πŸ˜‰ )
* Had a small chat with Kleine keizerin, also a very nice person ( girl ), seems that we have mutual friends !
* Gave Eskimokaka his long awaited flag πŸ™‚ ! Recollected some old war stories from our student time and he promised to get back in touch to offer me a drink LOL
* Went over to Dramoghe, just to say hello ! I promised her I would do, so I did ;). And yes the new hair style looks pleasing πŸ˜€
* Asked Atryu what he was doing… he just took pictures for his incredible photo blog ! Your dutch is prefect, by the way…

I’ve not talked to ( and I’m not happy about it :(, wanted to, but they were to surrounded with other people ) but noticed them around…

* Kathleen
* Pieter
* Michel Vuijlsteke

So I’m up for next year because this was fun !

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Music integration – mp3

Well I like music a lot ! I listen to it during my work, while traveling to and from work and at home…
I’m using mp3 as my main source for music and have several tools both hardware and software to play them.

But here is something I don’t get, maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’ve just found a new feature that should be implemented as soon as possible !

You know that mp3 has several metadata fields available that describe the music file you are listening to. Well one of those fields is the ‘genre’ setting, here you give an indication of what kind of music it is ! Ranging from classic to punk.

On the other hand you have your hardware or software tool that plays your music in a specific manner. They all come equipped with some sort of equalizer to tweak this playing manner… most of them even have presets that are related to a kind of music setting ( like extra bass of loud, but also rock, spoken word etc ).

And what are we actually missing ?? Correction, what I can’t figure out is, the fact that nobody seems to have created some kind of auto interaction between the metadata info inside the mp3 file and the equalizer settings on the music player tool !!

Is it that hard to auto set the equalizer to Rock when the genre in the mp3 file is indicated as Rock ?

I don’t know… has anybody ever seen this ?

Update: Seems that there is a plugin available that does this for Winamp !! ( nothing for iTunes or iPod currently ) The Winamp plugin is called Auto EQ and is available here

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Eye Candy – Banner/Background

Well I’m no photoshop expert… but once and a while, I like to explore some of it’s possibilities.

On my last venture I’ve created a banner/wallpaper picture from my last set of Wing Tsjun pictures ! So if you guys won’t mind please fill in the comments with any suggestions or remarks !! I’ve also posted the original picture, so if you have any time, just give it a go and astonish me with some nice design/rework.

Update: Here is a script for non pro Flickr users to get the large size of all pictures available

2007-02-17 - Seminar Dai Sifu Thommy Böhlig mortsel_099


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