Blood thirst

Not that I play any real time/life RPG, I always have had a ‘thing’ for Vampires. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some sort of a fetish for the occult or vampirism, but still my interest is always direct towards vampires when the subject comes around. ( I’m also a sucker for werewolves, but that story is for another time 😉 )

This interest has a major influence on me, when it involves acquiring movies or tv series ! Many of my own dvd’s have vampires in it and I like every each one of those movies/series. But to be honest I like the anime versions more…

A tv series that I’m currently watching is Hellsing, it’s a anime series based upon a manga. The complete tv series detailed information can be found here !

The story evolves around a vampire Alucard from the organisation Hellsing, who kills other vampires called Freaks. Just check it out !

My most recent movie viewing’s with vampires are Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust, also anime movies that already have some age, but still look very good. Vampire Hunter D is a descendant from the vampire king and hunts down other vampires who are on a killing spree.

One last reference I will give you is a double issue ! First a movie called Blood:The last vampire and afterwards a tv series called Blood+. The series resumes the story of the movie, but decades later. Here a young girl, the last remaining true vampire, fights demon vampires !

I hope you can enjoy these features like I do, because they are really a pleasure for the eye !!

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