Pinball wizard

Boys will be boys… but I’m guessing some girls also like this !!
I’m talking about Pinball machines.

During my high school days, I was hooked and played many games on these machines. One pub where we went to during those days had several machines and they changed often.
But it’s only recently that my fascination got triggered again… a good friend of mine, bought one to put in his living room !!

Man, that is just wicked, not ? If I ever have some spare money, I’ll be able to scratch this from my wish list πŸ™‚

Here my favourite list :

* The Adams Family

Ok this is the holy grail pinball for all pinball players πŸ™‚ ! Played on it during my youth and it just brings general pleasure ! But due to this, it’s not cheap when you want one.

* Twilight Zone

Has this special feature that uses magnets in the play field. So balls just went crazy !! Fun, fun, fun πŸ™‚

* Star Trek: The Next Generation

Well, this machine just got a lot of attention, when it was installed at the pub ! This because it has a nice ball shooting mechanism. It looks like a shuttle craft from the series and with this you could catapult the ball up to a platform across the field !

* Jurassic Park

Main feature I liked, was the stampede trigger ! The machine will give you force feedback and shake all over πŸ™‚

So these 4 are on the list, but I have to be honest… only the last 2 will be an option I guess.
And just out of pure fun, I think that the Jurassic Park pinball will be number one.

Any other players out there ?
What are thou favourites ?

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