Eye candy – Benjamin Carre

I’ve always been a Sci-Fi addict and this is largely thanks to my love for big bad ass space battleships !
Even though this is mostly movie related, I sometimes get a good spaceship impression from a design artist.

With Benjamin Carre, I get the same feeling !
I must be honest, I don’t like most of his drawings, but the technology gallery just rocks.
Of course those spaceships are exaggerated, but thats just the way I like them 🙂
Here some favourites of mine :

dickfin.jpg gdm.jpg

The first rendering reminds me of the Arcadia, the pirat spaceship of Captain Harlock ! ( an tv anime from the late 70ies )
Here are 2 references of the Arcadia… what a beauty :). The first one is a 3D rendering done by Voxel and I hope he will continue his work, because this is just marvelous !



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