Eye candy – Aleksi Briclot

Some things have to grow unto you I guess… It’s like the drawings of this artist, Aleksi Briclot. He lives in France, Paris to be more precise, so that makes it special, because he’s not living in the USA and sets his mark on some major USA products ( but more later ) !

It’s actually difficult to say when I came in contact with Aleski’s art for the first time… this because after I got interested in his art, it seemed he had done some pieces I should have recognized. Let me explain. First time I got a good look, was when I read the trade paper back comic called Spawn – Simony and like I said in the beginning, I wasn’t hooked at first by the renderings… But after some rereading, my eyes were caught by the unique style Aleksi has drawing Spawn ! So I got interested more and after finding his work around the web, I noticed he had done some stuff for Magic the Gathering too !!
And that’s the catch, because this would imply that I should have seen his work before !! On one of the Magic cards I own.

But ok… enough about the weird happenings 😉
Just take a look at some of his beautiful work !!

aleksi_spawn_aof_street438_700.jpg aleksi-spawn-aof-p06500_750.jpg

Eye candy – Don Figueroa

Robots… they’ve always fascinated me ! First encounter when I was young, was with those 80ies cartoons… like Grendizer for instance.
But the one series that was always around was the one called Transformers and yes they kicked ass :).
Ok youth sentiment here.

But the Transformers franchise got passed me without any notice… not something that happens very often, I liked the series, but wasn’t that all to much interested in the toys for boys back then.

But behold, with the release of the movie last year, my interest got kindled again !!
So much so, that I took up some comics that are about these fine robots. And I have to say, there is one young guy that can actually bring them alive on paper !
I’m talking about Don Figueroa. In my opinion he is actually a reference for getting the transformers looks and feel on paper the right way !

For me it would almost seem impossible to draw live metallic robots, but he does it in such a way it’s almost believable. Nothing but admiration for his style.

Just look for yourself 😉

1119319822_tfjoeop1.jpg 1119319822_tfjoemegs1.jpg

transformers_g1_ongoing_series_2.jpg transformers_g1_ongoing_series_6.jpg