Spawn collection

I guess I have already told this… but I think I haven’t shown you some detailed pictures 🙂

About what am I talking ? Well, I’m the proud owner ( I know, me = geek ) of 2 Spawn action figures !! To be honest, I would love to own more of them 😉
The first one is called Spawn V and was released with series 17.
The second one is called Spawn I.043 and he was part of series 24.

I like both designs, but the Spawn I.043 is a little more eye pleasing ! That cape is just amazing !! Especially the size of it is just awesome. To show them to you, I’ve took some snapshots with our Nikon D40x ! The complete set is visible here on Flickr, but here are a few nice ones :

Spawn V Spawn I.043
Spawn V Spawn I.043

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