Animal beauty

Last weekend we went to the animal park Planckendael. It’s a park located near Mechelen in Belgium and it’s a mix of nature park with animals and kids play grounds. Very nice for a family day 🙂

So last weekend we where there again and I took some pictures. One I had to share… because there are only a few creatures I admire and one of them was in a good mood to get photographed 😉
I’m talking about the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) !

Those big cats do have something mystical and powerful and with this picture it gets captured very good. Enjoy… it’s a wallpaper version 😉


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Eddy Merckx route

Like some other cycling fans, me and some colleagues went on a small trip and got together to ride the Eddy Merckx route !

The toughest climb of the day was the Paterberg. It has a max climbing % of 20 and that combined with the fact the road is not paved makes it very difficult. Some people of our group had to walk the last part… 😉 ( I made it, but I couldn’t stay seated. I had to get up and stand on the pedals )

The other climbs of the day were fun and compared to the Paterberg, not that difficult. Because of the fact we started on the top of the Kluisberg we still had to do this one at the end of our journey. So even though it isn’t that steep, it was a bit hard because we had already done 47km.

It was a lot of fun 🙂

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