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Well the Olympics are over, but that doesn’t stop me to have a closer look at them again 😉

There was something that caught my eye the moment it got on television ! It wasn’t anything to do with the actual sports being performed during the Olympic event, but more about the clothing the sportspeople where wearing.

More precisely the team outfit for Russia !
I’m from Belgium and to be honest the Belgian outfit is not something to talk about, but when a Russian athlete appeared on the screen, I was hooked by the design of theirs !!

It seems that the firm behind this team outfit design is called Bosco Sport and it’s complete line can be seen here. Too bad it’s all in russian…

But just take a look at these jackets, I would love to own one 🙂

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HTPC list

Well my never ending story is here again 😉
I still need a good backup system for my pictures and iTunes collection ! But if possible I would also love to be able to use this system as a HTPC, maybe even one that could generate HD output !

Because of this need, I’m currently keeping track of a small wish list that could be used to build this HTPC. So for all people who are interested or would like to help me in my quest, here is the current state of that list.

  • Case : Antec NSK2480

  • The main issue everyone will have with building a HTPC is the choice of the correct case. This because it has to look nice enough that it could sit around in the living room, but still has to be functional enough to actually be a pc.

  • Motherboard : GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H
  • There are 2 reasons why I would go for this mobo… one is actually very obvious, it’s cheap ! Compared with the features you get, it really is. The second reason is the HD playback functionality and the added HDMI port.

  • CPU : AMD 4850E X2 64BIT Dual-core
  • This AMD cpu would seem like something not quite top notch, but it has some HTPC advantages. First of al it’s wattage is only 45W, one great feature for a pc that could be running a long time. Second one, related to the first, is the fact that the cpu will not get that hot so we can have some liberty on choosing a cpu cooler.

  • CPU Cooler : Scythe Shuriken

  • This Scythe Shuriken cooler is small, seems to be very quiet and would be enough for the cpu at hand. A small note though, a Scythe Ninja mini would also be a good option ( could be used without fan ), but is a bit more expensive.

  • HD : Western Digital Caviar Green
  • Western digital has come up with a green series of their Caviar products ! Meaning the HD will also be less power consuming… again a big plus for any HTPC.

  • RAM : Total of 4gb
  • Nothing fancy here… just 2 simms of 2gb memory to get to 4gb.

Well there you have it ! My current HTPC wishlist… and to give you a good estimate, it’s possible to build this for € 400 or less.

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Clothing for cyclists

Here is some news I wasn’t expecting !! I don’t know if this has been communicated somehow, but I found out by accident, so let me share it…

It’s said that Nike will stop with their cycling line !! Let me state that again, no more cycling goods from Nike !

I don’t get this… not that I can’t understand it, it still strikes me very odd ! Nike has always been the brand that exists in almost every sport and with the success Lance Armstrong had during the Tour de France their clothing line was fixed with good advertising ! Lance even got involved in the design of sveral products and now this ? Even his LiveStrong organisation has cycling clothing made by Nike !! Of course Lance has more focus on running these days, but why change a winning team ( in my personal opinion ) ?

The ‘good’ side of the story is that Trek would take over a big part of the product line but under their brandname… I don’t know if this is really the case, because I got it through word of mouth. But Trek doesn’t have the same amount to offer that Nike could.

But getting back to the sad part of the story, not that I am a real top cyclist, I do own several cycling clothing ! And let’s get one thing straight, bike clothing has to be very comfortable with a high quality so that it will not interfere with the actual bike ride you are about to make.
And that’s where Nike comes in… all the different brands I have tried and own, nothing feels as good as my Nike jersey and Nike cycling socks !! It’s all in the details… the jersey is of the finest material I’ve used so far, light, comfortable and still it regulates my body very good. The zipper is invisible, the slider is very small and has no annoying brand mark plate on it and the box ( at the bottom of the zipper ) is also very small, unnoticeable and most importantly doesn’t scar the bike pants !!
And the socks, well I just don’t feel them when I’m riding, that’s something I can’t say about other brands.

But then again like I stated, I’m no expert and it are all just my personal views… but if you still have the chance, buy a jersey and see for yourselves. I was hooked from the get-go !
Currently still available online : Nike and LiveStrong.

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