Cycling update

Let’s do ‘a Wimmeke’ and let me also give you a small update on what I’ve been doing with my cycling hobby.

To start I’ve finally invested in a good Heart Rate monitor from Polar. Because it’s a cycling edition, it also comes with a speed sensor and a cadence sensor… so I can keep track of my fitness progress, currently it’s very out of shape.
The first trip with all this equipment was very good, but the cadence sensor was not active at the moment… so the only info available is:

Total distance: 53,7 km
Total time: 2:16:17
Average speed : 23,6 km/u
Average heart rate : 147 bpm
Calories : 1815 kcal

The latest route is one with the cadence sensor available, so there is a little bit more info now:

Total distance : 40,3 km
Total time : 1:31:40
Average speed : 26,4 km/u
Average heart rate : 149 bpm
Calories : 1250 kcal
Average cadence : 83 cadence

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