BuzzParadise – Passoã

Well well… it has been a while, but BuzzParadise has again launched a campaign that acquired my taste 🙂
I’ve been given a new Passoã package that is to good to be true 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_002

The package contained a mega shaker that suggests that I have a huge amount of friends 😉 but I do think it will come in handy at the next BBQ héhé
There was also a sweat wrist band, a small key ring shoe and a ventilator!

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_003

Of course a new t-shirt was also available with some text printed on small pieces of Velcro that you can swap 🙂 very neat!
And last but not least some glasses and a Passoã bottle 🙂

20090714 - BuzzParadise Passoa_005

Thanks BuzzParadise and Passoã

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3 thoughts on “BuzzParadise – Passoã”

  1. Blijkbaar hebben ze geprobeerd om vandaag een pakket af te leveren, het zal voor morgen zijn dus. Spannen.

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