So I’m Depechie

Have fun reading stuff about .Net ( Asp.Net, C# ) and all hobby related things ( like WingTsjun, Escrima, Anime, movies and music ) !


  1. Hi Depechie,

    I use your example of the Facebook settingpanel its great. But I can not figure out how to add an settingspanel that slides from the right.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi sir

    can we display images from folder in media viewer without saving in isolated storage . please help


  3. hey, I’m using your iExporter program for exporting playlists out of iTunes. The only request I have is: is it possible to implement that it doesn’t create a music folder? Cause when exporting now with sub folders it does the following: “Artist\Music\Album\# – Song”. Is it possible to change it to just: “Artist\Album\# – Song”. or if you do want to keep the music folder to: “Music\Artist\Album\# – Song”. ? Putting the music folder after Artist is a bit weird.

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