911 ( not the towers )

But the number indicating the most beautiful car ever made : the Porsche 911 !

I must be honest here, I’ve got a weakness for 2 types of cars… the first one is for the Lotus Elise, but this is more a functional love, and the Porsche 911 is a nostalgic love. But for design reference they are both top notch !!

Back to the Porsche 911 though, I like all models released, but there is one specific time line that’s my real favourite !! It goes from 1970 to 1989, the actual reference of 911 second generation till sixth generation.

You can find a nice image overview on this website here. I don’t know why, but the Porsches from that time line just looked gorgeous and really mean, with those head lights sticking out…
If I ever have enough time and money, I will try and buy one to drive around with.

Here are some shots :

img_000079.jpg img_000080.jpg

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Difficult mornings

On a normal morning, I get up around 06.30am and prepare everything to go to work !

Wash, eat, pack my stuff, help my little daughter ( 13 months ) getting ready and take the car to the day care center for children…

Again I performed this small routine, most fun thing is getting in the car ! Bought a brand new one last May and still like every thing about it. It needed to be a family car, so we got ourselvs a VW Passat Variant. Look how gorgeous it was when I got it 😉

But on a difficult morning… one ‘not very awake’ person decides to try and get a bit faster to work and doesn’t care about the traffic that is circulating !!! Not even looking to the right when he gets on to the crossroad when he’s turning left !!! So conclusion, my fancy new car isn’t that new anymore and the guy that tried to get to work early was a bit late ! ( point to note, I wasn’t the one that tried to perform the stupid manoeuvre ).

Here is my new left side :

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