Eye Candy – Vicente Segrelles

If you ever wandered if there is a comic, that’s actually nothing more than a collection of beautiful paintings ? Then stop guessing, because there is such a comic ! It’s called The Mercenary and is drawn by the Spanish artist Vicente Segrelles.

Don’t get me wrong… the comic has a good story, but just pick up any of the current issues and be dazzled by the sheer beauty and style of these paintings ( I can’t find any better word ). It’s a very unique style for a comic. 

More info and pictures are available here.

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Eye Candy – Alex Alice

If you’ve been following my personal suggestions about the artists I bring here on this blog, you’ll know I love those people who use much detail in their work ! It show that they love their art and that they take the time to create something stunning.

One of them is Alex Alice, I only know him from one European series that I have in my collection called ‘Le troisième testament’ ( the third testament ). But it has such a high visual impact that it’s one of my favourites… Also the story is very compelling and sucks you right in.

There is not much I can find about the person behind Alex Alice, but just have a look at his portfolio here and the french wiki can be found here.

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Eye Candy – William Vance

Everyone who lives in our little country Belgium should be very proud of the work that this guy delivers !! William Vance is one of the highly talented artists that live here… and his most famous comic XIII is a pure joy for the eye !

The story of XIII has big similarities with the story of the Borne identity, one man gets picked up, doesn’t remember anything and seems to be capable to defend himself very good ! But unlike the movie the ‘plot’ is much thicker ;).

The drawings are sharp and very life like… the quality standard for European comics.

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the Howling – Wolf – X-23

Ever since I’ve started reading comics, there has been a small set of characters I favour very much !!

One of those characters is Wolverine ! It’s just my fascination about wolves that’s behind this ( and werewolves for that matter ).

But this post isn’t really about Wolverine, but about his clone X-23… At first I just discarded this character: “Not interested” was my line ! But then Marvel came up with a prequel to let the readers know how exactly this girl became what she is today !

And as of that day, I’m hooked on the design capabilities of Billy Tan ! I just loved the action packed story of X-23’s origin and the design of Billy Tan just add to the flavour ! It’s sharp, modern and clear… just the way I like it !

The rest of his work can be found on his beautiful website here.

More on X-23 – http://marvel.com/universe/X-23
More on Wolverine – http://marvel.com/universe/Wolverine_%28James_Howlett%29


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Eye Candy – Alé Garza

Well if you follow my blog, you’ll know I like Jim Lee very much ! That’s why I follow his blog ( called Gelatometti )… but that blog isn’t being maintained by Jim alone. No, there are also other pencilers that contribute on this blog and that’s how I got in touch with Alé Garza’s work !! 

He has a wicked style that is very funny but still detailed ! When you see some of his drawings, you can immediately identify other things he has done !

There is one figure ( comic series ) that he has done, that I like the most… and that is his version of batgirl Cassandra Cain !

Much of his work is available on his msn group page, but he’ll post things on the Gelatometti blog too.

Update: Seems Ale started his own blog now !! Check it out here

A Cassandra preview :

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Eye Candy – Travis Charest

Like I said earlier, my first encounter with comics/graphic novels was through the European format !

One of my big time favourites was the Metabarons saga ! In Europe this series has been illustrated by Juan Gimenez, who’s drawings had made a big impression on me

Now there is a conversion going on to create an American comic version of this European saga… and the artist who has been assigned for this is Travis Charest. Man they nailed it down very good to get the same look and feel ! But the comic look is more present, so a 10/10 for DC !

Update: the project name is the Dreamshifters and will come out through Humanoids’s publishing

To get more material from Travis, just take a look here and here. Some previews :


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Eye Candy – Don Lawrence

My current favourite comic genre goes out to the American superhero style ( or anti-hero for that matter ).

But when I was a bit younger, I only read the European format ! One of my all time favourites is the comic STORM. A comic penciled by the artist Don Lawrence ( who sadly passed away on December 2003 ).

The Sci-Fi retro setting always got me hooked and damn that Ember is a hot looking female 😉 ! I think that Don Lawrence his drawings were the first that made me see that there are real artists that actually take their time to create little detailed paintings  for us to behold !

For an overview of his work check out the official site. ( I wouldn’t mind having one or two replica’s hanging on my wall at home )

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Local support

This is just a small post to get some attention for an upcoming feature !Somewhere out there a small group of committed people in Belgium is trying to get a new project started… They are called the Vigilantes.

The project consists of a new comic that looks stunning, but they wont stop there ! They’re also considering a cardgame, boardgame and a videogame. It all looks very promising, BUT it seems they are still looking for a publisher…

So if anyone in this business can help them out, please go to there website and get introduced !

The artist that creates the visuals of the comic is called Freek Van Haagen and it looks very nice ! Go check out his gallery… some previews :

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Eye Candy – Jae Lee

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t… but I’m a BIG Stephen King fan ! I like most of his books very much, just take a look at my listal account ;).

Well and on the other hand I like comics ! So what would happen if they would combine the 2 ?? It seems this will be something to look forward to !

And what does my weary eye see… as of July 2007 we will be treated with this killer combo ! Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be translated to a new comics series from Marvel ! You can follow the progress here

The comic penciler that has been chosen for this series is Jae Lee ! I like his art, so I’m curious how the Gunslinger would look like when it’s finished.

Here are some galleries with many drawings to look at :

Some previews : ( the Batman is also great )

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Eye Candy – Marc Silvestri

Where to begin, where to begin… ? Marc Silvestri is a very talented guy and has covered several different characters !

I mostly like his older work, like the Darkness and WitchBlade, the spiky style is perfect for drawing all kinds of weird creatures ( top of the bill in the Darkness ) !!

Also the more recent crossover of Batman and Darkness is very pleasing to the eye ! Very detailed and also very real…

To have an overview of his work, just take a look here and you can buy prints at his shop here ! His commissions are a bit expensive, but hey maybe it’s worth it ?

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