Eye Candy – Joe Madureira ( Joe MAD! )

Ever since Battle Chasers, I’m a BIG fan of Joe Mad! (Madureira) !!

He pencils the way I like reading comics, gorgeous babes and men with muscles as big as the other normal characters 🙂 ! Oh and the best thing are the monsters… man what an expression they have !! They always remind me of the Darkness creatures by Marc Silvestri… ( but I’ll do a post on him later )

For a small preview of Joe Mad!’s art go to this site here.

Some samples :

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Eye Candy – Humberto Ramos

If you ever wander around in a comic shop and you want to read a completed series, that is refreshing, fun and action packed… just pick up Out There.

It came out from 2001 till 2003 under the flag Wildstorm. The complete series is penciled by Humberto Ramos and that’s how I got hooked on his art. He has a very distinct style that jumps out every time he draws an image !

His more recent work is even better, because it involves the more know figures like Spiderman and Wolverine… Just check out the samples below !! They are gorgeous.

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Eye Candy – Ed Benes

Woow I have a problem ! Currently there were only 2 artists I liked very much because of their realistic representation ! ( I reviewed them here )

Sidenote : even side by side on the same subject it is very difficult to choose between Lee or Turner

But I’m getting behind on the current artist ! So the point is, that I have to rethink about my previous choice !! Because when I look at the art of Ed Benes ( from Brazil ), I have to say that it can compete with the other 2 !!

He mostly likes to draw pinups, but his male characters like Batman and Superman rock !! For new features, just keep track of his personal blog and if you want to have an overview of what he has done so far just surf here, here or here.

My favorites :

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Comic art – Greg Capullo

There are several comic books I like and there are several series I follow… but one just keeps coming back and has a great impact on my comic reference judgment ! The comic I’m talking about is Spawn created by the little genius Todd McFarlane.

So why is it that I like this comic more then the others ? Well mostly because of the artist that has penciled most of the issues : Greg Capullo. I like his dark, spiky look very much ! The perfect mood setting for Spawn.

He doesn’t pencil Spawn anymore ( stopped around issue 106 I think, but kept doing the covers till issue 150 ), but the main style was set… Even Angel Medina’s work after the takeover from issue 106 looked very much the same ! But of course Angel had already earned his marks with KISS Psycho Circus, a great artist indeed.

One other side project by Greg is The Creech, cyborg war machine. Also very enjoyable.

But enough talk, here are some examples :


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Lee vs. Turner

Well being a bit of a comic fan… this one is very difficult to resolve : Who draws the best Batman – Jim Lee or Michael Turner ?

Well the hard thing about it is, that they both have a similar style… more a realistic, portrait kind instead of the normal comic, cartoon design !

Jim Lee has the advantage of being a bit of the ‘reference’ concerning Batman, this thanks to the fantastic run of the Batman:Hush series.

On the other hand, the look of Michael Turner’s Batman featured in the Superman series is just so refreshing, how could you not like it !!!

I can’t choose to difficult… But pictures say more than word so here they are lined up :

Michael Turner

Jim Lee

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