Eye candy – Matteo Scalera

Another great artist Matteo Scalera !
His style looks a bit like Humberto Ramos to me and that is a good thing 🙂 !!

He comes from Italy and his blog is written in Italian, that makes it hard to read ;), but for more convenience he also has a DeviantArt site with most of his drawings, take a look here

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Eye candy – Christian Nauck

It has been a while since my last Eye candy post 🙂 But today I’ve found a new one !!

Let me introduce to you Christian Nauck ! He’s a comic artist from Germany ( actually not only comic art 😉 ) that I just discovered through the great art display site DeviantArt.

I don’t know Christian Nauck through any of his comics, but what I’ve seen on DeviantArt makes me feel sorry I haven’t seen any work so far. ( But that is all my own fault 😉 )

Just take a look at his gallery here.

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Design outfit

Well the Olympics are over, but that doesn’t stop me to have a closer look at them again 😉

There was something that caught my eye the moment it got on television ! It wasn’t anything to do with the actual sports being performed during the Olympic event, but more about the clothing the sportspeople where wearing.

More precisely the team outfit for Russia !
I’m from Belgium and to be honest the Belgian outfit is not something to talk about, but when a Russian athlete appeared on the screen, I was hooked by the design of theirs !!

It seems that the firm behind this team outfit design is called Bosco Sport and it’s complete line can be seen here. Too bad it’s all in russian…

But just take a look at these jackets, I would love to own one 🙂

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Colour schemes

It doesn’t matter what you are using, but having a good solid colour scheme is very important ! It will add to the likeness of your design, no matter what…

Most used manipulations by users will certainly be the Operation system and installed programs ( that can work with themes ). But program designers and website designer that don’t allow manipulation by the user, will also try also to find a balanced colour scheme that will leave the user with a wow effect.

A trend that has been around for some time now is the ‘dark side’ theming. The big idea behind it is the switch of white usage by dark colouring. This means that a normal white or light grey background will now get a darker version.
Well currently I’m all in favour for this approach… and although I haven’t been very active with it, I’m now trying to manipulate as much as possible on my pc so that it will reflect this dark side.

Best way to give a good notion of black theming is through example:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Lightroom is actually the first program where I saw the use of dark theming… and it is just perfect.

  • Microsoft Expression Studio – blend
  • Microsoft now has a designer product that also comes in a nice user interface !

So after using these programs I’ve noticed it’s more relaxing working with an off black background then just a straight white one !
So after this acknowledgment I’m trying to change my own environment to represent this dark theming and hoping it will help me be more relaxed during my coding/working hours.

First thing on the ‘changing’ table was Visual Studio… and thanks to Scott Hanselman I found the perfect theme ! Take a look here for an overview…
The one I’m using now is Oren Ellenbogen’s black theme.

And now everywhere you look, black themes are popping up ! I found several different web sites that incorporate this and some are just fabulous… The one I like very much is the one of Colourlovers !

The site itself is actually also something to talk about… because it let’s you create a set of colour tones that you can use as a reference for creating design element ( like a website interface of program interface ).
Some black theming schemes I found inside Colourlovers:

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Eye candy – Marko Djurdjevic

Marko Djurdjevic seems to be the guy who made the ‘American dream’ ( although he’s not from America 🙂 ) ! Getting discovered by the big comic publisher purely because of an evening drawing match with a friend over some marvel X-men characters… and thank the lord he has been discovered !!

I mean, just look at the detailed body work of all his characters, more like photographs, but still they have a fantasy look and feel ! The comic covers he brings are so inviting, that you will actually really buy the comic because of the superb drawing skills on the cover. That’s the main reason why I’m in a dilemma currently, because Marko has drawn some amazing covers for DareDevil and I hate to say this, but I don’t like the DareDevil comic concept very much… but his covers are just so stunning !! Damn you Marko 😉
For some reference material look at his MySpace page and Blog.

I don’t know why, but Marko’s art reminds me of Brom’s work, but the covers for the comics done by Marko are more vivid and less posed !

daredevil95-final.jpg daredevil98-final01.jpg
dd97.jpg starfish.jpg

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Eye candy – Koshime

I’m still a sucker for big battleships 🙂
I guess there are many talented artists out there, but sure enough some will always stick out.

Also Koshime, aka Dr. CM Wong, is such a person. His spacecrafts all look very plausible and are designed to work in a gaming environment.
I’ve seen many game play designs and most can’t touch the level Koshime has drawing these ships.

You can get more detail in Dr. CM Wong his art through his blog here.
And be sure to check out his portfolio right here, it also has a blog with more detail.

82174_1171685728_large.jpg 82174_1175297326_large.jpg

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Eye candy – Chris Bachalo

How do you like your comic art ?
For me this is actually a difficult question… I very well know what I don’t like, but really explaining what would make a good comic design is not easy.
On thing is sure, I rather like a modern clean picture ! But on the other hand, small details for specific characters of background helps to create a good view on the current setting.

And with the current artist, Chris Bachalo, this is spot on ! Just the way a modern comic should look and feel. Clean, crisp and when needed an eye for detail.
I have to say though, that his style is very similar to Humberto Ramos, but that is a good sign 🙂

asm555.jpg x-menv2_cvr200a.jpg

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Eye candy – Hugh Jamieson

I’ve already said this in the past… but I’ll say it again now; drawing Dragons is in my opinion one of the most difficult things to do for any painter/artist !!
I’ve seen very poor representations over the years and to be honest, the ones with some sort of level of quality, are scarce.

But behold, I found another artist that reached that level, it’s Hugh Jamieson. I don’t know how long he works on one piece, but the detail I see in them suggests some labour 🙂
I like his style very much… not only for his creature features, but also the human like figures are overwhelming !
Take a closer look at his stunning material over here.

dragonsfog.jpg deathrider.jpg

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