Eye candy – John Berkey

Another icon in the Star Wars saga is John Berkey !
He did some of the original artworks for the first Star Wars trilogy… but my interest goes specially to his space ship drawings.

I like these ‘old style’ paintings with lot of colour and detail. The give a kind of mystique to the environment that makes it a little surreal. Just perfect settings for these space explorers !

You can have a look at a large collection here

1929.jpg job2.jpg

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Eye candy – Personal art

When I get the chance to go out and meet artists I like, I will try to get some renderings signed ! This way they are more personal and it just looks cool ;).
But the real treat is getting something drawn personal, this because, well it’s unique !! And most of the times these drawings tend to be done very well !

I got some time playing with the camera and shot 2 personal drawings I got from 2 of my favourite Magic the Gathering artists ! I’ve also added the original art, so you can see what the renderings are based upon.

The first is a Western Paladin, done by Carl Critchlow.
The second is called Vampire hounds and is done by Kev Walker.

Carl Critchlow - Western Paladin Kev Walker - Vampire Hounds
westernpaladin.JPG vampire-hounds.JPG

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Eye candy – Ryan Church

It always amazes me that a lot of time and work is spend on the design of props in movies !
It will mostly start with an artist who will draw some sketches, he will give an overview of the different possibilities… after that one result will be chosen and the 3D rendering will start. When this is finished, the model will be used as a CGI feature, or in the old days they would actually build a real prop from the drawings.

Well and guess what, most of those props are only shown for some lousy minutes during the whole movie. But still you have to give credit to the artist who designs it, because a good prop will benefit the look and feel of the movie.

Now Ryan Church is such an artist. Maybe you won’t know him, but his work is very well know to the Sci Fi people :).
He has done a lot of the artist renderings for the space ships and props of the Star Wars movies episode II and III !!
Of course he had a legacy to uphold, but I have to say, he did a very good job and the actual elements that have been used in those movies are very stunning !!

Just take a look at his gallery here

attackdroid1.jpg attackdroid2.jpg

arc-170paint.jpg wheeldroid3view.jpg

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Eye candy – Nicolas Ferrand

Going through with the last eye candy post, I’ll add another that incorporates large spaceships !

This time the renderings are from another Frenchman called Nicolas Ferrand who has several interesting images available on his DeviantArt profile.
But the ones that are most attractive ( in my opinion ) are his space cargoships. Man they could be featured in any mayor Sci Fi movie !! I guess it’s the combination of the textures and colour scheme for the background that just looks perfect !

I hope he will continue to add more spaceships in his portfolio… take a look for more here

spaceship2_cg2.jpg spaceship3_cg3.jpg spaceship4_cg2.jpg spaceship_cg2.jpg

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Eye candy – Benjamin Carre

I’ve always been a Sci-Fi addict and this is largely thanks to my love for big bad ass space battleships !
Even though this is mostly movie related, I sometimes get a good spaceship impression from a design artist.

With Benjamin Carre, I get the same feeling !
I must be honest, I don’t like most of his drawings, but the technology gallery just rocks.
Of course those spaceships are exaggerated, but thats just the way I like them 🙂
Here some favourites of mine :

dickfin.jpg gdm.jpg

The first rendering reminds me of the Arcadia, the pirat spaceship of Captain Harlock ! ( an tv anime from the late 70ies )
Here are 2 references of the Arcadia… what a beauty :). The first one is a 3D rendering done by Voxel and I hope he will continue his work, because this is just marvelous !



Eye candy – Aleksi Briclot

Some things have to grow unto you I guess… It’s like the drawings of this artist, Aleksi Briclot. He lives in France, Paris to be more precise, so that makes it special, because he’s not living in the USA and sets his mark on some major USA products ( but more later ) !

It’s actually difficult to say when I came in contact with Aleski’s art for the first time… this because after I got interested in his art, it seemed he had done some pieces I should have recognized. Let me explain. First time I got a good look, was when I read the trade paper back comic called Spawn – Simony and like I said in the beginning, I wasn’t hooked at first by the renderings… But after some rereading, my eyes were caught by the unique style Aleksi has drawing Spawn ! So I got interested more and after finding his work around the web, I noticed he had done some stuff for Magic the Gathering too !!
And that’s the catch, because this would imply that I should have seen his work before !! On one of the Magic cards I own.

But ok… enough about the weird happenings 😉
Just take a look at some of his beautiful work !!

aleksi_spawn_aof_street438_700.jpg aleksi-spawn-aof-p06500_750.jpg

Eye candy – Don Figueroa

Robots… they’ve always fascinated me ! First encounter when I was young, was with those 80ies cartoons… like Grendizer for instance.
But the one series that was always around was the one called Transformers and yes they kicked ass :).
Ok youth sentiment here.

But the Transformers franchise got passed me without any notice… not something that happens very often, I liked the series, but wasn’t that all to much interested in the toys for boys back then.

But behold, with the release of the movie last year, my interest got kindled again !!
So much so, that I took up some comics that are about these fine robots. And I have to say, there is one young guy that can actually bring them alive on paper !
I’m talking about Don Figueroa. In my opinion he is actually a reference for getting the transformers looks and feel on paper the right way !

For me it would almost seem impossible to draw live metallic robots, but he does it in such a way it’s almost believable. Nothing but admiration for his style.

Just look for yourself 😉

1119319822_tfjoeop1.jpg 1119319822_tfjoemegs1.jpg

transformers_g1_ongoing_series_2.jpg transformers_g1_ongoing_series_6.jpg

Pinball wizard

Boys will be boys… but I’m guessing some girls also like this !!
I’m talking about Pinball machines.

During my high school days, I was hooked and played many games on these machines. One pub where we went to during those days had several machines and they changed often.
But it’s only recently that my fascination got triggered again… a good friend of mine, bought one to put in his living room !!

Man, that is just wicked, not ? If I ever have some spare money, I’ll be able to scratch this from my wish list 🙂

Here my favourite list :

* The Adams Family

Ok this is the holy grail pinball for all pinball players 🙂 ! Played on it during my youth and it just brings general pleasure ! But due to this, it’s not cheap when you want one.

* Twilight Zone

Has this special feature that uses magnets in the play field. So balls just went crazy !! Fun, fun, fun 🙂

* Star Trek: The Next Generation

Well, this machine just got a lot of attention, when it was installed at the pub ! This because it has a nice ball shooting mechanism. It looks like a shuttle craft from the series and with this you could catapult the ball up to a platform across the field !

* Jurassic Park

Main feature I liked, was the stampede trigger ! The machine will give you force feedback and shake all over 🙂

So these 4 are on the list, but I have to be honest… only the last 2 will be an option I guess.
And just out of pure fun, I think that the Jurassic Park pinball will be number one.

Any other players out there ?
What are thou favourites ?

911 ( not the towers )

But the number indicating the most beautiful car ever made : the Porsche 911 !

I must be honest here, I’ve got a weakness for 2 types of cars… the first one is for the Lotus Elise, but this is more a functional love, and the Porsche 911 is a nostalgic love. But for design reference they are both top notch !!

Back to the Porsche 911 though, I like all models released, but there is one specific time line that’s my real favourite !! It goes from 1970 to 1989, the actual reference of 911 second generation till sixth generation.

You can find a nice image overview on this website here. I don’t know why, but the Porsches from that time line just looked gorgeous and really mean, with those head lights sticking out…
If I ever have enough time and money, I will try and buy one to drive around with.

Here are some shots :

img_000079.jpg img_000080.jpg

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