Comic art – Greg Capullo

There are several comic books I like and there are several series I follow… but one just keeps coming back and has a great impact on my comic reference judgment ! The comic I’m talking about is Spawn created by the little genius Todd McFarlane.

So why is it that I like this comic more then the others ? Well mostly because of the artist that has penciled most of the issues : Greg Capullo. I like his dark, spiky look very much ! The perfect mood setting for Spawn.

He doesn’t pencil Spawn anymore ( stopped around issue 106 I think, but kept doing the covers till issue 150 ), but the main style was set… Even Angel Medina’s work after the takeover from issue 106 looked very much the same ! But of course Angel had already earned his marks with KISS Psycho Circus, a great artist indeed.

One other side project by Greg is The Creech, cyborg war machine. Also very enjoyable.

But enough talk, here are some examples :


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Not only Beer and Chocolate ( more eye candy )

Belgium is not only famous for it’s beer and chocolate ! No, more things can be found in our country that is worth looking at !!

So in my small quest to bring you the best eye candy, let me promote a small Belgian creative studio : Eugene and Louise. I’ve just met them in person through something completely differently then art related, and got a look at their website ! But it seems I’ve seen their work already ‘in the wild’ πŸ™‚ !!

Not only do they produce nice renderings, it seems they are involved in a lot of side projects too !!

Some previews :

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Taste twisting

Had a small taste dispute with Nicodemus today, it was small because he had to catch his evening car ride home ! But if he had the time, no doubt we would still be arguing about the differences of taste :).

The argue was about the fine looks of the other species, females ! My type is the more ‘sporty, young, fresh’ kind, preferably with short hair… the colour of the hair doesn’t matter so much.

But to prove my point here a small overview and let me throw this around as a stick to Nicodemus πŸ˜‰ !

Your one night stand

Natalie Portman

Your wife replacement

Michelle Pfeiffer

Your mistress to be

Kate Beckinsale

Denise Richards

Just babelicious

Scarlett Johansson

Charlize Theron

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Lee vs. Turner

Well being a bit of a comic fan… this one is very difficult to resolve : Who draws the best Batman – Jim Lee or Michael Turner ?

Well the hard thing about it is, that they both have a similar style… more a realistic, portrait kind instead of the normal comic, cartoon design !

Jim Lee has the advantage of being a bit of the ‘reference’ concerning Batman, this thanks to the fantastic run of the Batman:Hush series.

On the other hand, the look of Michael Turner’s Batman featured in the Superman series is just so refreshing, how could you not like it !!!

I can’t choose to difficult… But pictures say more than word so here they are lined up :

Michael Turner

Jim Lee

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Eye candy überlicious

Some artist can draw… I mean really draw ! But some artist have such a beautiful talent, that they reach a high peak that is untouchable for others !!

One of those people is Daniel Simon from Germany ! His modern concepts are just so real ( even on a drawing ), that it looks like they can be fabricated any minute !

Just have a look at his main page and browse through the several subdomains and you will be stunned with disbelief !!

I’m officially in awe !

Update : OK so I have to check my links first πŸ˜‰ – sorry Nicodemus and NoDesktopHero for ‘reposting’ this πŸ™‚

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More eye candy

Being a regular Magic the Gathering player, I know that most cards feature some beautiful art !

One of my favourite artists is Carl Critchlow, just have a look at some of his Magic the Gathering drawings or his sketchbook !

At one of the few Magic the Gathering events I attend, I had the oppertunity to meet the guy in real life and bought 2 reprints… here they are :

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Eye candy

I like eye candy !! Specially the kind you can use to change the view of your WinXp background !

Well just have a look at the creatures of Andrew Bell over at Dead zebra Inc. Man they are just weird/funny/hilarious !

The best part is, that they also sell t-shirts, toys and other stuff of their creations !

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