Xamarin forms – multi line label custom renderer gotcha

** UPDATE ** We expanded this and added an Effect for eveyone to use in the Xamarin Forms Community Toolkit! It’s available here : https://github.com/FormsCommunityToolkit/FormsCommunityToolkit The effect itself resides here : https://github.com/FormsCommunityToolkit/FormsCommunityToolkit/tree/dev/src/Effects/Effects/Label On a project I’m working on, we needed… Continue Reading


How to add a Tag list into WinRT universal apps

** Update: also look at an alternative solution Shawn Kendrot did here: http://visuallylocated.com/post/2015/02/20/Creating-a-WrapPanel-for-your-Windows-Runtime-apps.aspx Sometimes you like to present a list of items to the user. But the requirements for that list are so, that it must remain compact, wrap at… Continue Reading