Cantonese lessons

Ever since I started following Wing Tsjun, I was fascinated with all the Chinese terminology that is used during our training !
Like, every hand movement has it’s own name and this name represents the position of the hand, for example a Wu sao = “Protecting hand” !

But when I looked further, it seemed that most of the phrases where spoken in Cantonese instead of Mandarin !
So to ease my curiosity I took up Cantose 🙂

It doesn’t only consist of speaking the language, we also have to write and read !! And man, the writing is tough !
For starters, you don’t have any reference when writing Hanzi, they don’t have any resemblance with anything we are used to !
But secondly, you can’t just copy them when writing ! There is a specific order and direction that needs to be followed when writing the strokes that make up one character…

But, hey, we all have our hobby, so I don’t mind the fact that mine is a little tougher 😉
I also started looking up the chinese representation of our names, just for fun though, I’m not like many western people who like the Hanzi but don’t know the translation and just use them on tattoos for example !!

Femke ( our daughter ) – 费姆克 or 费姆可
Martine ( my wife ) 马蒂娜 or 馬蒂娜
Glenn ( me ) – 格倫 or 格伦

I found several great sites that help me in my quest for knowledge, just folow my delicious tag link !

Digital SLR options

Well people,

I’m calling out for help !!
Currently I’m a proud owner of a small digital photocamera the Nikon CoolPix 4300 and a very good analog SLR photocamera the Nikon F80.

Nikon CoolPix 4300 Nikon F80

I use the compact digital one for all “home and hobby” usage ( You know, like in house events, outdoor gatherings with friends or family and other small things ) and have the analog SLR if I want to take semi pro stuff… ( Mostly black and white close ups of our little daughter Femke 😉 )

But technology doesn’t stop, so I would like to trade the analog SLR for a newer digital version !! And here we have the main reason for this post, I would love to hear your comment and try to help make my descision…

What are the options :

* Only Nikon : if possible I only want to buy a new body and use the lenses from my F80
* I’m only an amateur in photography, so not an all to fancy new one

Currently I’m opting for the Nikon D50, but I don’t know this is a good choice ?

Nikon D50

I found several reviews, but I lack the needed experience to really tell the difference, so could you guys help out ?
My main issues now is that the D50 laks a remote cord to take pictures, like the D70s has with the use of the MC-DC1 !

Nikon D70s

The review sites are :


So go ahead and filll those comments 😉