Cycling – from knot to knot

Cycling is something I try to do on a regular basis, both for recreation as general fitness training !
So when I want to go for a ride I need to do some preparation to get a good trip… because just riding around on tracks I know by heart is not very challenging.

So here are some tips I found along the way, when I tried to get some good cycling routes.

To start off, I live in Belgium and the best way to have a nice route is to get yourself acquinted with the Fietsknooppunten network !! This is a cycling network that is available in Flanders and the Netherlands, composed of several key points ( all signed with a number ) that are connected to eachother through roads that are ideal for cycling !

So the best way to get a fast result is use this system. There is only one drawback, an overview of the system is only available on printed maps !! And even more frustrating is the fact that there isn’t yet a centralised location to get all maps… this because each province in Flanders manages its own network and you have to go to each and one of them to get their local maps !
I found one link that seems to give an overview – here !

Another drawback is the fact that you have to rely on yourself to come up with a route… So if you don’t know the place where you will ride, it’s hard to find the best/most beautiful places around ! Although the specified roads are more ‘bike’ friendly they don’t indicate any site seeing tips…

So a lot of people had this problem and it looks like the internet has a solution. I’ll post some links here where you can get some detailed background on tracks that where scouted by other cycling people !!
Some are very detailed with lots of photos… but most of them are in dutch, so that would make it not so international friendly 🙂

Happy riding :

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