Linking, linked, social network status ‘ok’

I know some people don’t like the web 2.0 word hype ( hé Michel 😉 ), but it is alive and kicking !

Take the LinkedIn service for example… a nice set of features to keep track of your own professional curriculum ! But it is also capable of social networking with all your former/current/lost colleges, students etc.

And faith has it, that through this service, I got back in contact with a ‘lost’ friend !! Nico aka Nicodemus, he has his own LinkedIn account and we got together again, thanks to the ‘find old classmates’ link. This after a period of 9-10 years, damn time goes fast !!!

But the weirdest thing of all, is the fact that I was following Nico’s blog already for quiet some time and I didn’t knew he was one of my former classmates !!
Then again, the fact I follow his blog means we have some things in common and that was not different during our studying time.

Well call me web 2.0 cray, but I still love the damn thing 🙂

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