Windows live writer

Good to know that some tools are ‘nice to have’ !

I just installed the Windows live writer blog posting editor and must say, I’m a bit impressed !!

It looks nice, has a nice set of features and is just damn easy 🙂 ! So the hype was true LOL…

Just posting from a remote tool just seems more ‘right’, not ? I always hated the flow of first going online, log on, select the right page for posting and having to do all linking/photo uploading/etc. thing manually !!

Ok there are very good plugins for wordpress and you still have to moderate the comments online anyhow, but this little gem is just to sweet not to use 😉

Well I’m hooked, I hope I can spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Windows live writer”

  1. I’m hooked !
    But must admit I also had a small struggle in the beginning with getting the settings correct.
    So give it another try 🙂

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