Beer belly vs. WingTsjun training ( 1 – 0 )

August is not the body friendliest month of the year for me… August means I won’t be able to practice my WingTsjun skills !

In august our Sifu – 師父- always goes on vacation and being the lazy bastard I am, no other sport replaces the lost training’s !

So like the title says, I’m currently gaining more weight… even though it is a slight increase, it’s noticeable 😉

Even my other recreational sport – bicycle riding – has been on a low level, due to very bad weather here in Belgium !

But no more worries for me, because this coming Monday September the 4th, the training will start again ! And I will be able to kick some butt again 🙂

Aaaah the beauty of Martial Arts, I love it ! So for the people who would love to join ( or be kicked/hit in the face ), just have a look on the following page – right here !

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