CMS – Content management S**t

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like a CMS, but sometimes they are a pain in the b*** !!!!

Currently I’m doing some maintenance on our WingTsjun website, but I got so frustrated that I kept on doing other stuff online ( like reading blogs ) to get my head clear !

Damn I just don’t like working with that stupid Typo 3 system. I don’t know if there are any different versions, but our version is just not intuitive to work with !

Stupid example: why don’t you use a simple text editor to put in text ? No you have to separate each ‘logical part’ on one page in a ‘text part’ inside typo 3 ! So instead of just typing and if needed starting a new paragraph, you have to type a title, your text and add links for each paragraph of your text… so editing the text on several places means doing several manual actions of opening and selecting the right ‘text parts’ before you can reach the text itself !!!

DAMN frustrating ! That’s why I like the simpel design of the Windows Live Writer I’m now using to blog with…

And some people just spot the simple designs of Typo 3 right away ;).

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