Comic art – Greg Capullo

There are several comic books I like and there are several series I follow… but one just keeps coming back and has a great impact on my comic reference judgment ! The comic I’m talking about is Spawn created by the little genius Todd McFarlane.

So why is it that I like this comic more then the others ? Well mostly because of the artist that has penciled most of the issues : Greg Capullo. I like his dark, spiky look very much ! The perfect mood setting for Spawn.

He doesn’t pencil Spawn anymore ( stopped around issue 106 I think, but kept doing the covers till issue 150 ), but the main style was set… Even Angel Medina’s work after the takeover from issue 106 looked very much the same ! But of course Angel had already earned his marks with KISS Psycho Circus, a great artist indeed.

One other side project by Greg is The Creech, cyborg war machine. Also very enjoyable.

But enough talk, here are some examples :


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