reThink, reOrganise, rePlan

The Belgium department of our Wing Tsjun organisation has some issues… They are not critical, but still we have to have a sit down with the key members to discuss the planning.

I think every organisation has to rethink their strategy once and a while. So we came to a point that a new course should be taken. It will not be easy to get all the items on the agenda sorted out and maybe some things will not change at all !

But I’m eager to get started, it would mean more responsibility for me inside the organisation and frankly I think this is for the best ;).

Some points to discuss :

  • Structure in the organisation
  • Administration management
  • Membership gathering and structuring
  • Digital revolution enhancement

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2 thoughts on “reThink, reOrganise, rePlan”

  1. Hmm could become difficult, yes… I hope we can get things worked out 😉 !

    Yep, we know have our main site at, but still there is room for improvement !
    The stories won’t come online themselfs 😉

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