Eye Candy – Jae Lee

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t… but I’m a BIG Stephen King fan ! I like most of his books very much, just take a look at my listal account ;).

Well and on the other hand I like comics ! So what would happen if they would combine the 2 ?? It seems this will be something to look forward to !

And what does my weary eye see… as of July 2007 we will be treated with this killer combo ! Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be translated to a new comics series from Marvel ! You can follow the progress here

The comic penciler that has been chosen for this series is Jae Lee ! I like his art, so I’m curious how the Gunslinger would look like when it’s finished.

Here are some galleries with many drawings to look at :

Some previews : ( the Batman is also great )

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Eye Candy – Marc Silvestri

Where to begin, where to begin… ? Marc Silvestri is a very talented guy and has covered several different characters !

I mostly like his older work, like the Darkness and WitchBlade, the spiky style is perfect for drawing all kinds of weird creatures ( top of the bill in the Darkness ) !!

Also the more recent crossover of Batman and Darkness is very pleasing to the eye ! Very detailed and also very real…

To have an overview of his work, just take a look here and you can buy prints at his shop here ! His commissions are a bit expensive, but hey maybe it’s worth it ?

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DateTime formatting the .Net way

Back in the ‘old’ days when we where using Visual Studio 6 and made our first Visual Basic programs, we had to rely on ‘good luck’ and ‘plumbing’ to get some tasks done !

What I mean to say is, that sometimes the software would have a mind of his own ! Some code just didn’t perform in the correct expected manner. And this wasn’t something you actually could have avoided, no the software had some flaws !

But with the arrival of Visual Studio .Net and the new programming languages like C#, this seemed a thing of the past ! Until now that is ! Because I have a small code example I would like to show you, that would seems very straightforward, but has me ‘bugged’ whole week.

The thing I’m trying to do, is cast a normal DateTime.Now to a Time format, but depending on the current user settings ( in the regional settings ). What would seem like an obvious thing to do… So here we go with our little experiment !

  • First set your regional settings correct : English ( US )

  • Then go to Customize and in the Time pane change the time to display using the 24 hours notation ( and loose the AM & PM )

  • Create a small console application and paste following code ( we are talking Visual Studio 2005 here )

// Expected : True, Actual : True
// Expected : H:mm:ss, Actual : h:mm:ss
// Expected : H:mm:ss, Actual : h:mm:ss
// Expected : 10/13/2006 13:31, Actual : 10/13/2006 01:31
// Expected : 10/13/2006 13:31:28, Actual : 10/13/2006 13:31:28 !!!!!!
// Expected : 13:31, Actual : 01:31

So as you can see, the DateTime.Now.ToString(“t”) option will NOT take into account the current user settings, found on the regional settings pane ! This is not something I would expect… I would just like my code to be as little dependent as possible. So I WANT to use the default DateTime formatting options and not having to wander about what the user chooses. It must be up to the user to get the right format he wants, I just want to be able to tell the program to give me the Time and not the complete DateTime.

After this little experiment, I searched further for any information, but got back empty handed.

The only document on MSDN that says something significant about DateTime and the regional settings can be found here. But it just states the things I would expect in my test and they just aren’t true.

After this set back I contacted Chris Sells Program Manager in the Distributed Systems Group at Microsoft, hoping maybe he could shed a little light on my issue ! To be honest this guy is amazing ;), knowing he’s probably swamped with work, he still managed to reply me in a very fast time frame ( thanks Chris ) !

The first thing Chris noticed was that I could get the good user settings information through the following code :


But this wasn’t helping me much… the real problem is not getting the info about the DateTime format, but displaying it correctly using the default formatters in .Net ! So this info is a bonus, yes, but still I’m stuck !!

So for now I use a small work around, that I would love to delete as soon as possible, by reading out the users settings of the regional settings through the HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the registry ( \Control Panel\International ).

Chris will still check his huge background information repository ๐Ÿ˜‰ and hopefully come back with some good news. But if ANYBODY knows how I can solve this ‘little’ problem, please help me out !

UPDATE : well Chris got back to me on this problem… he submitted my question on some community and he got an answer from Michael Kaplan !
It seems he has answered this question before !! Take a look here for more info on the solution.

In short : “A lot of the confusion is due to the fact that the .NET Framework has two time formats (long and short) while Windows only has one time format (long) which can optionally be truncated in GetTimeFormat.” And : “So the answer to the original customer inquiry, to wit: “The main issue is that I don’t understand why/when .Net uses the user overrides of the Regional Settings” is that only one of the settings in .NET directly relates to the one in Windows, even though they both look like they ought to….”

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20 questions about my blog

Nice little survey… found Young Crazy Fouls’s blog !

  • When did you start blogging?
    Can’t remember anymore :), I Didn’t keep track in the beginning and the archive is gone… but 2003/4 should be correct.
  • Average, how often do you blog?
    I try to post at least one item every 2 weeks…
  • How do you host your blog?
    I host it on Weblogs
  • What blogging application/service do you use?
  • Do you use an application to blog directly from your desktop, rather than from your blogs administration?
    Yes, I use the good old ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Windows Live Writer
  • Do you use a free theme for your blog?
    Yes the Qwilm! theme
  • What type of blogging do you do?
    Main focus now is to provide Eye Candy stuff
  • What is your primary blogging motivation?
  • Do you care much about the amount of visitors?
    A little bit
  • Does the total account of visitors on your blog count more to you, than the amount of visitors who comment on your blog posts?
  • Do you use some sort of anti spam solution for your blog comments? (Such as Akismet)
    Yes รขโ‚ฌโ€ Akismet
  • If you run advertisements on your blog, do you sell the ads yourself?
    Google Adsense
  • If you earn money on advertising on your blog, how much do you approximately earn per month?
    Nothing yet
  • If you are running a business blog – have it helped your business to start blogging?
  • Are you a member of a blogging network such as random shapes or 9rules?
  • If you are member of a blogging network – has it helped you noticeable in any way?
  • How many daily unique visitors do your blog have?
    Around 10 I guess ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Do you keep statistics of feed subscribers?
  • Do you put work into search engine optimisation for your blog?
    Only good writing
  • Have you ever bought advertisement on other websites for your blog?

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Difficult mornings

On a normal morning, I get up around 06.30am and prepare everything to go to work !

Wash, eat, pack my stuff, help my little daughter ( 13 months ) getting ready and take the car to the day care center for children…

Again I performed this small routine, most fun thing is getting in the car ! Bought a brand new one last May and still like every thing about it. It needed to be a family car, so we got ourselvs a VW Passat Variant. Look how gorgeous it was when I got it ๐Ÿ˜‰

But on a difficult morning… one ‘not very awake’ person decides to try and get a bit faster to work and doesn’t care about the traffic that is circulating !!! Not even looking to the right when he gets on to the crossroad when he’s turning left !!! So conclusion, my fancy new car isn’t that new anymore and the guy that tried to get to work early was a bit late ! ( point to note, I wasn’t the one that tried to perform the stupid manoeuvre ).

Here is my new left side :

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Eye Candy – Joe Madureira ( Joe MAD! )

Ever since Battle Chasers, I’m a BIG fan of Joe Mad! (Madureira) !!

He pencils the way I like reading comics, gorgeous babes and men with muscles as big as the other normal characters ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Oh and the best thing are the monsters… man what an expression they have !! They always remind me of the Darkness creatures by Marc Silvestri… ( but I’ll do a post on him later )

For a small preview of Joe Mad!’s art go to this site here.

Some samples :

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Eye Candy – Humberto Ramos

If you ever wander around in a comic shop and you want to read a completed series, that is refreshing, fun and action packed… just pick up Out There.

It came out from 2001 till 2003 under the flag Wildstorm. The complete series is penciled by Humberto Ramos and that’s how I got hooked on his art. He has a very distinct style that jumps out every time he draws an image !

His more recent work is even better, because it involves the more know figures like Spiderman and Wolverine… Just check out the samples below !! They are gorgeous.

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