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Well, like many others I got myself caught to perform reviews for money !! ( I always need money 😉 ) Note the small AdSense links at the side… ( not that that sort of thing works )

ReviewMe is a service that lets blogger review several things on different topics. This so to generate more visibility to the product at hand !!

And why not… I get a little bit of money, the product gets attention and ReviewMe just handles the red tape. ( and the payment I guess )

I’m hoping I can review some movies, because to be honest that would be the major thing I’m looking forward too. Or maybe some new gadgets would be fun also ! Other things, like a new washing product would be out of the question ofcourse. Or maybe not, I’ll have to check this with the misses ;).

Let’s see if this thing works out a bit. Because after registering, I noticed, my blog is not that high ranked on technorati… so I would only receive 20$ for the review ( not bad, but could be better ). What the heck, just wait ans see, so if you think your blog could handle this kind of reviews, just sign up.

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4 thoughts on “Review the reviewer”

  1. Well, I think you’re right about blogging in English. You will probably get more things to review than Dutch bloggers.

    Of zukketwa. Bloggen in ‘t Engels, tzou niets voor mij zijn..

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