Eye Candy – Alé Garza

Well if you follow my blog, you’ll know I like Jim Lee very much ! That’s why I follow his blog ( called Gelatometti )… but that blog isn’t being maintained by Jim alone. No, there are also other pencilers that contribute on this blog and that’s how I got in touch with Alé Garza’s work !! 

He has a wicked style that is very funny but still detailed ! When you see some of his drawings, you can immediately identify other things he has done !

There is one figure ( comic series ) that he has done, that I like the most… and that is his version of batgirl Cassandra Cain !

Much of his work is available on his msn group page, but he’ll post things on the Gelatometti blog too.

Update: Seems Ale started his own blog now !! Check it out here

A Cassandra preview :

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