Eye Candy – Drew Struzan

I’ve always been a big fan of Sci-Fi movies ( more the horror/thriller kind ) ! So when I find the time, I go out and watch a movie… ( or stay at home and open up the DVD archive 😉 )

And with this passion for movies also comes the interest for movie posters ! And guess what… most of my movie poster favourites, are ‘drawn’ !! ( yes your read this right, drawn )

For this special kind of craftsmanship, there is actually only one reference that sets a very high standard; his name is Drew Struzan ! Read more about this artist here on the wiki page.

For the record, the following 3 Star Wars special edition posters are put up nicely in our hallway at home 🙂 ( told you I was a big fan )… and the Thing poster is on my ‘wish list’ !


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Local support

This is just a small post to get some attention for an upcoming feature !Somewhere out there a small group of committed people in Belgium is trying to get a new project started… They are called the Vigilantes.

The project consists of a new comic that looks stunning, but they wont stop there ! They’re also considering a cardgame, boardgame and a videogame. It all looks very promising, BUT it seems they are still looking for a publisher…

So if anyone in this business can help them out, please go to there website and get introduced !

The artist that creates the visuals of the comic is called Freek Van Haagen and it looks very nice ! Go check out his gallery… some previews :

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Feeling nostalgic

Back in the old days, we had an ATARI game console ! Just like this one :

One of the most popular games then was Space Invaders !! Well and for the people that are feeling a bit nostalgic, Blik has created wall decoration in the Space Invaders style.

Now you can add a bit of retro anywhere in your house… here is the product detail and some examples 😉

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