Eye Candy – Alex Alice

If you’ve been following my personal suggestions about the artists I bring here on this blog, you’ll know I love those people who use much detail in their work ! It show that they love their art and that they take the time to create something stunning.

One of them is Alex Alice, I only know him from one European series that I have in my collection called ‘Le troisième testament’ ( the third testament ). But it has such a high visual impact that it’s one of my favourites… Also the story is very compelling and sucks you right in.

There is not much I can find about the person behind Alex Alice, but just have a look at his portfolio here and the french wiki can be found here.

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In the spirit of Ho Ho Ho

People who have some artistic learning do it, here and here ! Damn I envy their talent !! Other people who are more into real photography use professional tools, like here. Also very nice result.

But like any other computer/photo freak, we used photos of our own daughter ;)…

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Experimental visitors incentive

Ok… seems that pr0n still sells on the internet ! Young Crazy Fool posted a small overview of the most used keywords that redirected people to his blog…

And guess what was on spot numero uno !!!! … riiiiight 😉

PS: I’m wandering if this post also will attract people that way

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Eye Candy – William Vance

Everyone who lives in our little country Belgium should be very proud of the work that this guy delivers !! William Vance is one of the highly talented artists that live here… and his most famous comic XIII is a pure joy for the eye !

The story of XIII has big similarities with the story of the Borne identity, one man gets picked up, doesn’t remember anything and seems to be capable to defend himself very good ! But unlike the movie the ‘plot’ is much thicker ;).

The drawings are sharp and very life like… the quality standard for European comics.

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Part of tree

Thanks to Mirthe I have the opportunity to show all readers what are the 2 last SMS messages stored on my cellular phone :).

But being the tidy bastard I am, this is actually a difficult task ! I had to dig very deep to get 2 messages out of the archive… Yes sir I ALWAYS delete your sms !

So here goes : ( in Dutch )

Just in case u don’t read ur email, the address is *****
Tot morgen

You see, nothing much LOL so lets see if other people are ready to receive the stick ?

Go Young Crazy Fool and Dipfico, tell us more [via].

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the Howling – Wolf – X-23

Ever since I’ve started reading comics, there has been a small set of characters I favour very much !!

One of those characters is Wolverine ! It’s just my fascination about wolves that’s behind this ( and werewolves for that matter ).

But this post isn’t really about Wolverine, but about his clone X-23… At first I just discarded this character: “Not interested” was my line ! But then Marvel came up with a prequel to let the readers know how exactly this girl became what she is today !

And as of that day, I’m hooked on the design capabilities of Billy Tan ! I just loved the action packed story of X-23’s origin and the design of Billy Tan just add to the flavour ! It’s sharp, modern and clear… just the way I like it !

The rest of his work can be found on his beautiful website here.

More on X-23 – http://marvel.com/universe/X-23
More on Wolverine – http://marvel.com/universe/Wolverine_%28James_Howlett%29


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