Grouping the masses

Well to be honest I just love all those online services that let you group like minded people ! Also keeping your own profile online targeted by some service is a great thing…

Now Flickr has been around for a while now and I’ve had my account set up a long time ago ( not a pro though, don’t like to pay much 😉 ). But only now I’ve used their grouping function.

So for our Wing Tsjun organisation I’ve created a Flickr pool, so all the people in our organisation who took pictures that are related to Wing Tsjun, can now centralise those pictures inside the pool !

Of course the pool is publicly available for browsing, so just check it out here !

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Eye Candy – Wrist watch II

Talking about those design wrist watches the other day, I mentioned Swatch as an all time favourite for daily use !

Well guess what… Laurence Dawes designed a beautiful concept for Swatch ! A wrist watch based on a bike tube 🙂

Just take a look at his gallery…

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Eye Candy – Wrist watch

Design stuff always fascinates me ! Things that look nice, modern always tend to attract my interest.

So also with wrist watches… in the early days I always used to wear a Swatch around my wrist. I still love their chronographs and have one at home…
And it’s with wrist watches that I’ve just seen 2 beautiful new designs that really are worth looking at !

The first one is a concept by Pavel Balykin and turns an old fasion sand hourglass into a new digital one !! But with the option to still view the numbers…

And the second one ( my favourite ) is very special, showing you a remaining or time spent computer downloading gauge like bar ! Designed by Pierre Haulot.

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Robot Mecha Anime

While I was young, I used to watch much cartoons on the TV ! One of my big time favourites at the time was the anime series : Grendizer ( watched it in french called Goldorak ) ! When I reflect about it now, I realize that it made a big impact on my current interests… the love I have now about technology, anime/manga and comics all got rooted during that period when I was introduced to the Japanese anime series : Grendizer !

So in my quest to expand my own collection of anime DVDs and action figures, I started browsing the internet for some shops and info.

First up I got the detailed info on the series from AnimeNewsNetwork. It contains all info I was looking for regarding the TV episodes… seems that there where 74 episodes. Just take a quick look.

And behold I also found one very cool site called ms-room ! It contains one kick ass action figure of Grendizer, just take a look at it here ( some picture below in this post ). A shame we don’t have much resources here in Belgium to get this stuff !

Another nice model on the ms room site : a Tie Fighter !

So one big question for the readers of this blog : if anyone can indicate where I can find the DVD package of Grendizer, I would be eternal thankful !!

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Music for the Masses

For the people who don’t yet know this ( should be impossible, but you never know )… I’m a HUGE fan of Depeche Mode !! I own every almost all their full cd’s, all their concert dvd’s and also some collectors items. So yes a bit of a fan 😉

But last year my wife bought me something special as a gift : Depeche Mode – Stripped. The biography of the band in paperback form !

The beginning of the Depeche Mode history started in the early 80ies and the book dedicates much info about the influences the band members got during their first years into stardom. And guess what, when I read about it, I got back into the new wave, synth pop mood again !!

Ooh man, those where the high days for music lovers ! Songs like Underpass by John Foxx, Are friends’ electric? by Gary Numan ( Tubeway Army ), Back to nature by Fad Gadget, Being boiled by The Human League or Our darkness by Anne Clark. I could go on forever ( some people are making lists about it, but we have to be patient ), just SO good was that time for brilliant music.

So just sit back and enjoy 🙂


Update: ( one that just has to be in this small list )

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Movies, toys and posters II

Well well well… the people over at ( Todd McFarlane Toys ) have done it again ( as seen here ) !

Again they are presenting an old time favourite in 3D ! This time it’s the original movie poster of Rocky ! What a classic and again one for the wish list ;). More info here

They’ve also done something similar with their own Spawn comic line ! The cover of Spawn issue 30 has been made available as action figure, but now it comes complete with the surrounding attributes to recreate the cover. I think I have to reserve a small room at our house to accommodate all these items 🙂 ! More info here

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Eye Candy – Vicente Segrelles

If you ever wandered if there is a comic, that’s actually nothing more than a collection of beautiful paintings ? Then stop guessing, because there is such a comic ! It’s called The Mercenary and is drawn by the Spanish artist Vicente Segrelles.

Don’t get me wrong… the comic has a good story, but just pick up any of the current issues and be dazzled by the sheer beauty and style of these paintings ( I can’t find any better word ). It’s a very unique style for a comic. 

More info and pictures are available here.

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