Music for the Masses

For the people who don’t yet know this ( should be impossible, but you never know )… I’m a HUGE fan of Depeche Mode !! I own every almost all their full cd’s, all their concert dvd’s and also some collectors items. So yes a bit of a fan 😉

But last year my wife bought me something special as a gift : Depeche Mode – Stripped. The biography of the band in paperback form !

The beginning of the Depeche Mode history started in the early 80ies and the book dedicates much info about the influences the band members got during their first years into stardom. And guess what, when I read about it, I got back into the new wave, synth pop mood again !!

Ooh man, those where the high days for music lovers ! Songs like Underpass by John Foxx, Are friends’ electric? by Gary Numan ( Tubeway Army ), Back to nature by Fad Gadget, Being boiled by The Human League or Our darkness by Anne Clark. I could go on forever ( some people are making lists about it, but we have to be patient ), just SO good was that time for brilliant music.

So just sit back and enjoy 🙂


Update: ( one that just has to be in this small list )

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2 thoughts on “Music for the Masses”

  1. Wij noemden Martin Gore altijd ‘het schaap’ omdat hij zo’n bos wit krulhaar had 😀 Een verzinsel van de kleine zusjes natuurlijk 😀

  2. HELA, geen grappen over Depeche Mode hé 😉

    Tja qua looks kunnen ze er wel wat van… hoewel er andere groepen zijn die natuurlijk nog een pak extremer zijn hé.

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