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While I was young, I used to watch much cartoons on the TV ! One of my big time favourites at the time was the anime series : Grendizer ( watched it in french called Goldorak ) ! When I reflect about it now, I realize that it made a big impact on my current interests… the love I have now about technology, anime/manga and comics all got rooted during that period when I was introduced to the Japanese anime series : Grendizer !

So in my quest to expand my own collection of anime DVDs and action figures, I started browsing the internet for some shops and info.

First up I got the detailed info on the series from AnimeNewsNetwork. It contains all info I was looking for regarding the TV episodes… seems that there where 74 episodes. Just take a quick look.

And behold I also found one very cool site called ms-room ! It contains one kick ass action figure of Grendizer, just take a look at it here ( some picture below in this post ). A shame we don’t have much resources here in Belgium to get this stuff !

Another nice model on the ms room site : a Tie Fighter !

So one big question for the readers of this blog : if anyone can indicate where I can find the DVD package of Grendizer, I would be eternal thankful !!

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5 thoughts on “Robot Mecha Anime”

  1. I would kill for that Tie Fighter! Goldorak (as I knew it) was pretty cool yes, but DragonBall Z and les chevaliers du zodiaque were my favourites

  2. I know… that Tie Fighter is super cool 😉 !

    Dragonball Z isn’t my kind of thea, but Saint Seya ( chevaliers ) is also one of my big favourites !!!

  3. Probeer eens mekanik in antwerpen(st jacobs nieuwstraat)
    of anders :
    a shop less ordinary (034752620)
    Mangaland, anderlecht (025223510)
    Conect’r aarschot (016568830)
    Otaku’s BD Jette (024250766)
    Nemomimi Leuven (016231001)
    Deze adressen zijn wel twee jaar oud dus kann zijn dat deze winkels niet meer bestaan..
    En de beste tip: Wacht FACTS af 1 of 2 keer per jaar in ICC Gent..
    Genen dank..

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