Grouping the masses

Well to be honest I just love all those online services that let you group like minded people ! Also keeping your own profile online targeted by some service is a great thing…

Now Flickr has been around for a while now and I’ve had my account set up a long time ago ( not a pro though, don’t like to pay much 😉 ). But only now I’ve used their grouping function.

So for our Wing Tsjun organisation I’ve created a Flickr pool, so all the people in our organisation who took pictures that are related to Wing Tsjun, can now centralise those pictures inside the pool !

Of course the pool is publicly available for browsing, so just check it out here !

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4 thoughts on “Grouping the masses”

  1. Yow Young Crazy Fool…

    Wing Tsjun is a great sport ! Just check it out, there should be some organisation close to you I guess.

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