Eye Candy – DressCode II

I’ve always been a big fan of hooded sweaters ! They are easy to wear, always fit and you can combine them with almost everything :). And to get everybody on the right track, I’m talking about the hooded sweaters without the front zipper !

For years I’ve stayed true to only one kind of hooded sweater, the fleece model from GAP. But recently, I’ve been exploring other models and fabrics…

My current favourite is one I bought from PUMA, you can check out their current collection through their online shop here ! Example I love :

But for the rebels out there, there are a lot of small companies that are devoted to more design, fashion models… One of the more remarkable projects is Kidrobot ! They produce limited editions of their clothes, they even try to limit the sale to one item per customer ! Just check out there outwear collection here… Some favourites :

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3 thoughts on “Eye Candy – DressCode II”

  1. They are indeed comfortable to wear. I prefer the ones without zipper but I own some with.

    My favorite is one from G-Star.

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