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It has been a busy weekend. Our small Belgian Wing Tsjun organisation was again offered a chance to get a full day of training, this last Saturday, with our Dai Sifu Thommy Böhlig from Germany !
To be honest, I’m always impressed with how fluent Sifu Thommy is and how good his techniques are.

But this also presents following : training with Sifu Thommy always brings you back down to earth and shows you how much road there is still ahead to be traveled !! It really is a personal gain to be able to feel the correct implementation of a technique and being shown where I myself implement sloppy technique !

Much of the pictures are up on our Flickr page so just have a look, but here are 2 of my favourites, in the first I’m reacting completely wrong on an attack of Sifu Thommy ( and he helps me correct it ) and in the second Sihing Filip demonstrates that it is crucial to have the correct guard up !

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