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Well I like music a lot ! I listen to it during my work, while traveling to and from work and at home…
I’m using mp3 as my main source for music and have several tools both hardware and software to play them.

But here is something I don’t get, maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’ve just found a new feature that should be implemented as soon as possible !

You know that mp3 has several metadata fields available that describe the music file you are listening to. Well one of those fields is the ‘genre’ setting, here you give an indication of what kind of music it is ! Ranging from classic to punk.

On the other hand you have your hardware or software tool that plays your music in a specific manner. They all come equipped with some sort of equalizer to tweak this playing manner… most of them even have presets that are related to a kind of music setting ( like extra bass of loud, but also rock, spoken word etc ).

And what are we actually missing ?? Correction, what I can’t figure out is, the fact that nobody seems to have created some kind of auto interaction between the metadata info inside the mp3 file and the equalizer settings on the music player tool !!

Is it that hard to auto set the equalizer to Rock when the genre in the mp3 file is indicated as Rock ?

I don’t know… has anybody ever seen this ?

Update: Seems that there is a plugin available that does this for Winamp !! ( nothing for iTunes or iPod currently ) The Winamp plugin is called Auto EQ and is available here

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2 thoughts on “Music integration – mp3”

  1. Still can’t believe this isn’t yet available !!
    Though can’t find it in winamp or itunes 😉

    Maybe I’ll should suggest this ? 😀

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