Anime nostalgia

Well when I was young during  the 80ies, we didn’t have so much TV programs for kids. Not all those fancy TV stations with almost 24/7 airing cartoons, no we only had some BRT sponsored series that were only there to educate us and teach us some morals :).

But on the off chance, we could watch the French television and get some new cartoon culture ! I was hooked from the very beginning. One of the cartoon series I like very much, was the Japanese anime called Saint Seiya or like the French used to call it Les Chevaliers du Zodiac. Ofcorse the French version was dubbed and had received some form of censorship, but it was plain fun ! Also it happened to be my first encounter with anime.

So no better time then the present to recapture that feeling of the past.. so I got myself the very first season of this fine anime on DVD, ready to start watching it all over again.


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Love for the Tape Deck

Well I share a bit of the same love like my buddy Eskimodemus… the Tape Deck rulez !!

He posted a lot of link love for the old tapes, like this one and it seems more can be found here !!

So guess what, when I saw this in my local store, I couldn’t resist and bought the green version !!! More beautiful things from Addict are available on their site.

Some favourites…


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AT-AT T-shirt

I’ve always loved the overwhelming power display of the Dark Force in the original first 3 Star Wars movies !! One of the main vehicles that incorporated all this was the AT-AT walker ! One lean, mean, fighting machine.

Now the love for the AT-AT has been around for some time now, but only recently I’ve discovered that I’m not alone 🙂

Just look at these links below and behold there is a complete t-shirt scene available with all kind of AT-AT prints !!

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