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I got a new assignment from the ReviewMe crew :). This time I’m reviewing a website called ArticleChecker. The due date is today, so I’m hoping I’m not to late.

The main feature for this website is checking if some kind of text appears somewhere else on the internet ! They also call it a Duplicate Content Checker.

At first I thought, what the heck, this seems just silly… checking on an existing text to see if there are any other references on the net. But then I thought further and to be honest it just looks silly but is indeed something very useful !

One big example would be like the Medium4You setup that is happening here in Belgium ! There are examples that they use posts from other blogs without permission, check it out here, and I’m sure other sites do similar things.

So what is a blogger to do, when he wants to check if popular posts are copied ? Well… just use ArticleChecker ! You paste some text inside the input field and check what search platforms to use.

When there are results, you get a nice overview with some insight on the found references ! Like I said earlier, it just seems to easy to use, but looking deeper I sure love the potential it has.

I hope you will check it out too 😉

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