Movie favourites – Tim Burton

Being a bit of a movie fan, I too have my favourites ! Recently I had a look at my current DVD collection and I have to say that there are some common genres that stand out.

The first I would like to point out is my love for movie director Tim Burton.

I don’t own ( yet 😉 ) all his movies on DVD, but I have seen most of them and I’m always pleasantly surprised ! ( except for his one big flaw called Planet of the apes )

My first encounter was when I viewed his Batman movie. It’s dark, intense and has, in my view, a very good cast !! To me, the sequel Batman Returns, is even better. Michelle Pfeiffer playing Catwoman is just brilliant…

The nightmare before Christmas is another Burton feature that captures my taste in movies perfectly !! Although not directed by Burton himself, it still has all the ingredients you would expect in a Burton production. Dark settings with a macabre humor.

Casting Johnny Depp as a main character in most of his films, is also one of Burtons’ trades. I helps, because lets be honest, Johnny Depp is one very talented actor ! Edward Scissorhands is a fine example of Johnny’s’ greatness although Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow are not far behind !

So if you are like me and love some dark, fantasy like world where crazy stuff can happen, just pick up a Tim Burton movie and enjoy the treat !

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