Cry for help to all cycling people !

This post is a cry for help…
I’m shouting out to all the people who love cycling ! Actually I have to be more specific, a cry to all the cycling lovers in Belgium !

Logo thx to Mirthe

And why am I needing help, well I’m creating a new website that will allow people to plan and share cycling trips online !! This doesn’t sound very fancy, but the catch is, that you can use specific designated points ( called Fietsknooppunten in Belgium ) ! If you want to get more details about this concept, just have a look here ( in Dutch ).

So what do I need from you guys ? Well I need GPS coordinates ! Because now I only have a small set of bike points and I would like to add more… and I need a GPS log of the route between 2 points, so that the route is nicely displayed on the Google Map.

If you want to help, just use the email contact option here on my site ( right top of the screen ) to get in touch with me, so we can work out the details.

To get a feel of how the program works, just browse to my test site at ! BUT be aware this is a test site, so there could be down time. Normally you can already select several points ( that are connected to each other ) and save your selection as a cycling route !! You then get a shareable link ! AGAIN these links can disappear in time, because when the program is more stable I’m going to reset the database.

Enjoy and please support me in my quest !

UPDATE :Ok I have to be honest about this, it seems I’m not the only one with this idea ! Check out some other online route managers !! Here and here and an offline tool here

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