Running up that hill 2

Well… there you have it !
I made my first investment to better my running… and actually not only that, also to better my body !
I had some pain during running at my Achilles tendon, not that it stopped me from running, but still it hurt !
So I got a look at it in the shop by performing a test, where they film and monitor your running. It showed that my ankles where being pushed inwards, so that there was more tension on the Achilles tendon.

So I bought some new shoes to sort out this problem ! My previous brand was Adidas but now I got a pair of Asics.


I needed some good foot support so the choice was a bit limited ( although when you are shopping at a specific running store, like I did, everything they have is very good ). So they gave me different brands to try, all models where chosen for my foot type !


At the end only these Asics GT-2120 were left !! They are super light and support my foot perfectly, they also have very high absorption ratio. So overall I’m glad I made the first step in improving my running abilities… I can’t wait to try them 🙂 .


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